3 Marketing Formulas to Generate Explosive Commissions Online

As a newbie you want to achieve 3 thing’s that work in conjunction to generate good results online.

1)Understand that you are working with real people behind the computer screen… Not just clicks!
Yes, this means they have real families, real problems, real lives.. and yes, you can impact them in a positive way using the internet. This in turn generates you income online.

Formula: The amount of value you give to a marketplace is exactly proportional to the amount of money you generate online.

2)Understand you need to come from a position of power. Authority Figure.
This will be a huge buying decision from the prospect. The person you want to help online needs to be sure he is going to be helped correctly. By a professional at the niche you as a marketer are promoting.

Formula: Help and educate that person you are serving online. Or leverage the power of elite groups/masterminds to demonstrate you know what your talking about.

3)Understand where you are leading your people too… The end result!
Whether you are promoting other people’s products or have created your own it must always be clear what you want your followers to do. Take Action!

Formula: The end result is always to get your followers to purchase your product or service. This is the only way to truly help your clan and continue to help them learn any given specialty.